Music of CelloStone™

Experiences from the Professional Cellists using CelloStones

For CelloStones closely matched to a high quality cello:

  • The CelloStone allows the cellist a greater range of dynamics, bringing out the solo voice, while allowing the cello to better blend with quartets or small chamber groups.
  • The CelloStone quickens the initialization of a note by the bow, making fast passages easier to play.
  • The CelloStone gives the bow a “smoother” feel which in some cellists reduces fatigue in the bow arm.
  • The CelloStone reduces the stutter in the bow.

Experiences of Cello Teachers using CelloStones

For CelloSteppingStones matched to the student cello:

  • Students experience the feel of a higher quality cello at a fraction of the cost of the new cello
  • Students have greater confidence in their playing ability
  • Improves the solo voice of the cellos so it sounds better at recitals
  • Provides the student with experiences to better evaluate their next cello
  • May work with their new cello (we accept trade-ins – please ask about our policy)

CelloStone and the Cello work together

The CelloStone must work in concert with the endpin and tailpiece of the cello to transmit the interfering energy into the CelloStone. This means that the tailpiece and endpin must allow the energy to travel through them. Most tailpieces and endpins will work but not all. The cello is most efficient if its endpin is clamped at the resonant point on the endpin.

To hear and feel how a CelloStone will improve your cello; first clamp the endpin at the resonant point; then play with the endpin directly on a concrete floor at least 6” from the edge of the concrete. Generally, garages and basements have concrete floors but not all. Bring a small rug so that you can put the endpin on the rug then on the concrete floor for comparison.

All other wolf suppressors dampen or remove the frequencies of the wolf note. The CelloStone does not. It removes the cause of the wolf note through a polarizing filter (analogous to polarizing sunglass – see what’s in the pond and not the glare) This means that with a CelloStone, your cello will resonate the notes and frequencies from your strings without the interfering beats of the wolf note. We suggest that all wolf suppressors be removed from the cello when using a CelloStone.

Cellos with permanently attached wolf suppressors will work with a CelloStone but will still have the dampening of the voice of the cello at those frequencies. The bow response will be better even with the permanent wolf suppressor.