Purchase a CelloStone™

Since CelloStones are travertine tiles, each CelloStone is unique. CelloStones are matched to each other and to each cello.

Pricing(shipping not included):

  • CelloStone - $400    £350 in the United Kingdom

  • CelloSteppingStone - $350 but includes trading in the stepping stone when the student gets a new cello, pay only shipping.

  • $150 refundable deposit (or £ 150) required at time of order (via PayPal or check)

  • We will trade-in an old CelloStone when you buy a new cello.

Contact Us with any questions via email :
US and Asia: debbie@cellostone.com or phone (720)313-1225

UK and Europe: robert@cellostone.com

1. Send us the information requested in the next panel along a deposit of $150 (£150). You may make your deposit via PayPal™ or by check.

2. Send a recording of the wolf note of your cello. If you have a concrete floor, then play the wolf note with the endpin on a small rug or rubber rock stop and then without moving the finger location play the same note on the concrete floor. Be sure the end pin is clamped at the resonant (node) point. Talk to us if you are having trouble finding the resonance point or do not hear and feel difference between the rug and the concrete floor.

Click the "Pay Now" button to make your $150 deposit via credit card. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card. (Note PayPal page will list NEW MK Enterprises as the Company name)

Or Mail your Check (payable to NEW MK Enterprises) to:

1425 Kendall Dr.
Boulder, CO 80305

In order to find your cello’s match, we need a recording of your wolf in a .wav file. We can also use the MPG4 that many phones record files in. When you record the wolf, please remove any wolf suppressors, and do not add any vibrato or try to remove the wolf as you play it. It is best if you have the endpin clamped at the resonant point. Put the endpin on a small rug or rubber rockstop on a concrete floor. Find and record the wolf, then without moving your fingers play the same note with the endpin directly on the concrete floor. It is best if you announce what you are doing on the recording.

Please fill out the following information and make sure to attach a .wav or .MPG4 file.


Do you have a wolf on the D string?

CelloStones remove interfering energy from the cello. This means that the tailpiece and endpin must allow the energy to travel through them. We have found that some carbon fiber endpins and some brands of tailpieces do not allow the energy to pass through them to the CelloStone. Occasionally the plastic tail gut is also a factor. If your cello has a tailpiece to endpin system that does not allow the energy to travel to the CelloStone, then the CelloStone cannot work with your cello. In addition, the wolf caused by an out of adjustment sound post will not be changed by the CelloStone. The sound post wolf, found on the D string as well as the G string, is caused by the less than optimum connection between the front and back of the cello. We at CelloStone can differentiate between the spectrum of a sound post caused wolf and the spectrum of a G string wolf of the cello. You will still notice a change in the bow response and voice of the cello but if the sound post is out of adjustment, the wolf will not be completely eliminated.

If you are in the Colorado, Southern Wyoming, Northern Oregon areas, we would like to deliver the CelloStone to you. This allows us to bring a couple of different CelloStones matched to the cello to find a best match.

For the Student player there is a CelloSteppingStone. Your cello teacher will help you find the right stone for you and be able to order from CelloStone directly for you.

Cello teachers please contact us to learn about how you can work with us to provide your students with CelloSteppingStones.