"I like my cellostone! Tt improves both sound and playing. The sound: My cello sings more clearly. The tone is clean, whereas without the cellostone there is a touch of fuzz or dullness that I never noticed until the cellostone improvement. The playing: The bow draws easier. I know that is not technically true, but it is the best way to describe the feel that the notes come easier, whether long or short. The cellostone diminished but did not eliminate my cello's wolf tone. At least I am now able to use fourth position on the G string whereas I avoided it completely before the cellostone. On a practical note, the cellostone provides a secure and consistent anchor for the end pin whether on carpet, slippery tile, concrete sidewalk or grass. I have played a couple times without the cellostone when in a rush to get out the door and did not want to pack it up--mistake! The cellostone has become to be automatically included in the cello set up for practice and performance, just like rosin and glasses. Context: This testimonial comes after nearly a year of using the cellostone with an 18th century instrument."

  - Steve Fuhrmann
     Chamber, casual engagement and sidewalk cellist
     Monument, Colorado

"First of all, they empower my cello, bring out its voice, amplify it in a way that creates a certain presence for me, which results in an expanded mindset. I feel like I can play more fully, more expressively. It is a great boost in a solo setting. But then, the CelloStone also seems to take away the impediments to more free playing by smoothing out the rough edges any instrument will have naturally, like wolf tones. The wolves are gone as soon as I use the CelloStone. I find myself choosing more ambitious string and fingering options as a result. Those possibilities are opened to me. And finally, when I get together to rehearse or perform chamber music with other string players, I find that using the CelloStone enables me to blend with the other players more easily. I can weave myself into the fabric of the music more deftly and then, on a dime, emerge for a solo and distinguish my sound from the others' to just the degree I choose. I was not used to quite that level of ease in playing. But I'm getting accustomed to it! I feel lucky to have stumbled onto your CelloStones."

  - Dianne Betkowski
     Denver Eclectic Concerts www.eclecticconcerts.com
     Intermezzo Chamber Music Sessions www.intermezzocms.com

"We just got back from performing in NM and the cellostone proved to everyone that no matter where I play the cello performs the same. The other cellists had issues with endpins sinking into gravel and other issues with sound in certain areas. I did not. My cello stayed the same no matter where we went."

  - Stephen
     Voices of Wood Cello Quartet

"My cello playing is worse than bad, even though I've a nice instrument. Playing is an existential discipline of putting myself in the position of a student who really wants to play, but has no talent. It's so bad that the only people who will ever hear me are my extremely patient wife, and my cello teacher - but I have to pay my teacher to listen. So naturally I will use any means available to make the sound better. CelloStone has eliminated my wolf tone, made the instrument easier to play, and seems to improve the bass notes. Ms. Miles' vibrational analysis has caused one of the most interesting impacts of technology on the arts since the camera caused the Impressionist Movement. Highly recommended."

  - Dendy Sloan
     University Professor Emeritus
     Chemical and Biological Engineering